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i will Follow up

我将会跟进 ———我的回答,如果你满意了,用你小手点一下采纳

follow up 英 [ˈfɔləu ʌp] 美 [ˈfɑlo ʌp] vt. 把…贯彻到底,对…采取进一步行动; 跟着,追逐,继续 网络 后续; 后续行动; 跟进工作 双语例句 1 I want to follow up this subject. 我想继续研究这个问题。 2 We wi...

thanks to have a vacation for the time being ,I will follow up your case in time .Please contact me in time If you have any confusions,we will ...

I will follow up this issue 我会坚持完成这件事 follow up 基本翻译 跟踪;坚持完成;继续做某事

follow up with you 追随你 I can't put up with you any longer.我不能再忍耐了。 We look forward to hearing from you by return, in order that we may follow up with you further.我们希望你能尽快回复,并期望我们以后能有更多合作。 Exce...

如果想要表达“我会找他去跟进”的话最好是用 I will ask him to follow-up.

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【词汇】follow up 【发音】英 [ˈfɔləu ʌp] 美 [ˈfɑlo ʌp] 【释义】vt.把…贯彻到底,对…采取进一步行动;跟着,追逐,继续 【例句】It's Important for you to know the next step so you can follow up. 了解下一...

优质解答 follow up: vt.穷追(跟踪,重复补充,继承,监督,贯彻到底) 例句与用法: 1.It is a dangerous plan,one you'll have to follow up on your own account. 这是一项危险的计划,你要继续干下去,就得自己担风险. 2.I want to follow up this s...

你好! I will follow it up, 我将跟随它,

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