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vECtor mAgnituDE

Returns a copy of vector with its magnitude clamped to maxLength. 返回向量的长度,最大不超过maxLength所指示的长度。 也就是说,把向量限制在一个特定的长度。 var abc : Vector3; function Start () { abc=Vector3(0,10,0); abc=Vector3....

g, according to Xu

error vector magnitude的中文翻译 error vector magnitude 误差矢量幅度 双语例句 1 these effects create spectral regrowth in the adjacent channels and in-band distortion which degrades the error vector magnitude ( evm). 这些效应产...

Subtract the following two vectors (a−b) using their components and find themagnitude and the direction (angle with respect to the +x axis) of the...

一个质子的单位矢量的符号和一个平均的震级的平均加速度? 仅供参考、

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